Notice to all users of SiteHandler on EDD instance

The following browsers are supported for using SiteHandler:
(a). Mozilla Firefox 12 and above
(b). Google Chrome

Do not use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge!

Hinweis fuer alle Nutzer der SiteHandler Instanz EDD

Die Anwendung SiteHandler kann mit den folgenden Browsern genutzt werden:

(a). Mozilla Firefox ab Version 12
(b). Google Chrome

Bitte benutzen Sie nicht den Internet Explorer oder Microsoft Edge!

SiteHandler Germany
Server location: Skondal,Sweden.
Release 3H
Latest patch - 3.0.2.R17

Please use the Local Ericsson IT Support/Service Desk for all support communication:
Trouble tickets, request for new project or requests for new/changed functionality.

Please find additional information on the Ericsson intranet:
Links can be accessed only via Ericsson Corporate Network
SiteHandler home page
Ericoll - SiteHandler community


Hosted countries



Germany; Switzerland; Croatia